Neo-Nazism in Europe

Extremist political groups and parties often flourish in regions of economic deprivation, where populations feel alienated from the establishment, disillusioned by mainstream politics and seek convenient scapegoats for their circumstances. This may mean that one outcome of the current global economic downturn and its exacerbating impact on already disadvantaged areas may be a expansion . . . → Read More: Neo-Nazism in Europe

Got an Economics Question?

The Internet, television, and magazines or newspapers are full of features concerning economics. So is Amateur Economists. The gamut runs from economic philosophy to politics to econometrics and more.

Readers have many questions. Undoubtedly, you will too.

I’ve always subscribed . . . → Read More: Got an Economics Question?

Real Estate: The Most Valuable Piece of a Doctor’s Practice

In any small business, including running a physician’s office, the most valuable piece of your business is the real estate. Most people have heard the McDonald’s story of founder Ray Kroc, who believed that the most valuable aspect of McDonald’s was the real estate underneath each restaurant. For small business owners including physicians, getting . . . → Read More: Real Estate: The Most Valuable Piece of a Doctor’s Practice