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Mis-selling: from impressions to evidence
By Ajay Shah
By Renuka Sane. Retail finance in India is once again in the news for reasons of fraud, this time in the form of the Saradha Group in West Bengal. There is a general sense that such schemes proliferate because of the failure of financial i....
Addressing ponzi schemes: the three parts of the solution strategy
By Ajay Shah
Addressing ponzi schemes: the three parts of the solution strategy There is a great deal of moral outrage about ponzi schemes. Parliament is being asked to "do something!". We have seen this movie in India before. Laws are enacted as a knee-jerk r....
Regulatory strategy for savings/investment schemes, that would address ponzi schemes
By Ajay Shah
By Suyash Rai and Smriti Parsheera The first task in dealing with ponzi schemes is correctly defining the scope of financial regulation. Once a firm is classified as a financial service provider, the appropriate regulator must choose a regulator....
Investigating ponzi schemes: A malady
By Ajay Shah
By Shubho Roy. What has happened? SEBI was investigating Saradha for more than 3 years before the deposit schemes of the company collapsed (See here). Saradha seems to have used two methods to delay the investigation: When SEBI asserted its au....
Correctly defining the scope of financial regulation so as to block ponzi schemes
By Ajay Shah
By Smriti Parsheera and Suyash Rai. Attack of the ponzi schemes The Saradha Group has gained notoriety in recent weeks with outstanding public deposits reportedly exceeding Rs.200 billion. There was anger and panic. The state government has step....
Who is in charge of fiscal policy and tax policy?
By Ajay Shah
In any country, various arms of government like to indulge in taxation of their own choice, and in setting up little treasuries that they control. However, it is quite clear that there must be only one treasury, and only one authority that determi....
Sugar: Letting the invisible hand work
By Ajay Shah
By Apoorva Gupta. The recent announcement that dismantled the levy and monthly release mechanisms, in the sugar industry, will make the industry more efficient and competitive. But much remains to be done. This is a good time to look at the gov....
Obtaining liquidity for illiquid stocks
By Ajay Shah
The problem While there are thousands of listed companies in India, for all practical purposes, stock market liquidity is the exclusive preserve of large companies. For small securities, the conventional continuous market presents daunting pr....
Important work by cobrapost that illuminates high-powered incentives
By Ajay Shah
The investigative journalism by cobrapost, their videos, and Monika Halan in Mint add up to an important story. Most of us have enormous respect for the achievements of Axis Bank, HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. But as Monika emphasises, there are....
Unanticipated consequences of Finance Bill provisions on securitisation
By Ajay Shah
By Bindu Ananth and Kshama Fernandes Over 2006-12, RBI and SEBI have created a strong and conducive regulatory environment for securitisation, listing of securitised debt instruments, and standards of transparency and reporting. Securitisation ....
The changes in taxation of transactions in futures on equity and commodity underlyings
By Ajay Shah
Taxation of transactions in India began with the equity market in 2004. Prior to 2008, the securities transaction tax (STT) was allowed as a rebate against tax liability against Section 88E of the Income Tax Act. This treatment was withdrawn by the 2....
David Baker's Three Must-Haves for the New Generation of Gold Companies: Accountability, Accountability and Accountability
By The Gold Report
Mining companies have lost the trust of investors, says David Baker, managing partner at Baker Steel. Baker sees the gold market as at a watershed point and the miners must change to stay afloat. In this interview with The Gold Report, Baker sets....
Is this a time for monetary policy easing?
By Ajay Shah
`Headline inflation': The year-on-year change in CPI-IW, with target zone superposed. The best price index in India is the CPI-IW. `Headline inflation' in India corresponds to the widely watched year-on-year change in the CPI-IW.....
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Most Commented
By Stephan Zimmermann
The financial liquidity crisis is in full swing around the world. It is no wonder that experts and novices alike seek ways and means to prevent a future recurrence. Many different solutions are enacted and proposed. All of them center on wealth and m....
Missing The Obvious
By Dan McLaughlin
I recently heard a very knowledgeable, influential person talking about the future. He had many insights that were helpful and valid. His economic views, however were quite disturbing. He made a comment to the effect that capitalism is immoral. He po....
Why Software Piracy Isn't Theft
By Bhagwad Jal Park
In an earlier article of mine on the dependance of Windows on Piracy, I promised a discussion on whether or not software piracy should be considered as theft. Well, here we are, and I would like to demonstrate how piracy is not theft. To start of wi....
Why I want to get out of America as fast as I can
By Bhagwad Jal Park
I arrived in the United States a few months ago with my wife. It was my first time to America, and I was looking forward to experiencing new things and enjoying myself. However, I am becoming aware that far from being everything that America is hyped....
The End Of Fractional Reserve Banking?
By Dan McLaughlin
United States Treasury Notes were recently auctioned off for a yield of 0%. That means that very smart people running mutual funds, brokerage houses and other very large organizations were willing to invest lots of money and get nothing in return ot....
Got an Economics Question?
By Stephan Zimmermann
The Internet, television, and magazines or newspapers are full of features concerning economics. So is Amateur Economists. The gamut runs from economic philosophy to politics to econometrics and more. Readers have many questions. Undoubtedly, you w....
Inflation, Deflation, Recession
By Norbert Haag
We all know what inflation is, don't we? Sure, we know, it is rising prices. Is it? Why? What is the reason for higher prices? And, more important, do the prices really rise? Compared to what? Have I confused you? Good. Time to talk a bit about the ....
A World Without the Fed: Why Opposition to the Central Bank is Growing
By J.D. Seagraves
“How is the Fed’s performance in the present economy,” asks The Citizen Economists’ Poll. “They’re doing excellent,” say a sarcastic and/or deranged 5 percent of respondents. Twenty-one percent say they’re “doing okay,” and another 12 percent say “pr....
The Citizen Economists Poll
Should the U.S. government require every citizen to have health insurance?